Savage Rifts

The Melting Pot of Adventure...
Session One

Start of a new campaign, Savage Rifts.

Several players have been playing Rifts since it originated in 1992. Some are new. Characters come from a mix of background worlds. Some are Palladium Books Rifts Characters (converted) and some are from Savage Worlds. Others are from PB Chaos Earth another from Call of Cthulhu by Chaosism. Others are from much further away dimensionally. Together they are all new to the Legion.

Session One

As members of the Legion:

Temporal Wizard 

Mercenary Wookie

Gunslinger form 1928 CoC

Chaos Earth Monkey Boy Psi Operator 

come across Von, a D-Bee child from Garnet Town. After saving the kid the group explore and investigate the Town and factions within. 


Defense. Defeat. Diversity.

Session Two

The following members of the team: 

Temporal Wizard (Alternate Rifts Earth time line)

Mercenary Wookie

Gunslinger form 1928 CoC

Chaos Earth Monkey Boy Psi Operator 

are joined by:

SR Mind Melter 

SR Wilderness Scout 

Medium Psychic from 1928 CoC

1E D&D Shaman Lizardman

forming a stronger force of eight plus a CS Lt. Beehan and two CS soldiers in a UAR-1 Enforcer. They located the Brodkil Sub-Demon camp and Human Mercenaries that are holding the Garnet Town populace hostage. 

After rescuing the townies the Mayor of Garnet Town declared she would likely ally the town to the CS. Lt. Beehan is thankful and co-operative with the Party (Legionnaires). As the Party is leaving town with a new minor ally (The Mayor and CS Beehan) they are also allied with Trent, a Black Market Smuggler. 

Symon, the FoM Shifter in a desperate last ditch act of hatred opens a Rift to unleash a Demon upon Garnet Town. 

The Party responds to the Ley Line and open Rift. 

New Endings and Old Beginnings.

Session Three

The Adventuring Party has stopped Symon and his summoned Demon from terrorizing Garnet Town (GT). After a battle vs the demons the party saves the day in GT a second time. The local CS officer, Beehan, and the Mayor Lithari both praise the Player Characters.

From here on out any time the Players interact with GT they have a +2 CHA in town.

The local Black Market smuggler, the Miller, Trent tells the Party the following day about a mane named, The Trader. Trent says the Trader is a expert in finding lost tech and other items and selling them to the BM. Trent says he has known the Trader for 20 years, and in that time the Trader has not aged. Now, a faction of the 1st Apoc Army has taken the Trader hostage and Trent hires the Party to free the Trader.

It might not be Legion business, but the Party excepts. To be honest the hodgepodge adventuring group isn't overly loyal to the Legion. Future favor with purchasing and selling to the BM, and knowing the Trader will reward them for his rescue … the Party sets out to search the last know location of the Trader.

A camp of the 1st Apoc is located and the Party explores options on infiltrating the the camp and freeing the Trader.

Warlords and Wheels

Session Four

- coming


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