Lady Jo

Mystic named Rebekah


Mystic Adventurer
Rank: Novice Experience: 8 (VV) Advances Left: 0
Race: Human

Attributes: Agility d6 | Smarts d6 | Spirit d8 | Strength d4 | Vigor d6
Charisma: 0; Pace: 6; Parry: 5; Toughness: 7(3); Strain: 6
PPE: 20 | ISP: 20


Computers d8 Fighting d6 Investigation d6 Knowledge [Dragonese] d4* Knowledge [Spanish] d4* Knowledge [Euro] d4* Knowledge [Chinese] d4* Knowledge [Gobbley] d4* Knowledge [Demongogian] d4* Knowledge (Mystic Arcana) d6 Mysticism d10 Notice d8 Piloting d6 Psionics d8 Survival d6


Arcane Duality Trappings: Divine light shown down on the starving mystic, infusing her with the power magic and awakening her inner mind to the limitless possibilities of the human soul. She is forever torn between the two energies. Description: Mystics get the Arcane Background Edge twice for two different types of powers, but whenever they take a Power Edge, they must choose whether it applies to magic or psionics. Mystics can take the Power Points Edge twice per Rank but only to gain PPE with one use and ISP with the other. Cybernetics Restriction Trappings: Things of metal and plastic do not belong in the body beyond simple ornaments of devotion. Description: Mystics don’t normally allow cybernetic technology to mar their connection to the spirit realms. The rare, medically mandated necessity cause great disruption to the use of their gifts (−1 Mysticism skill per Strain). Curious (minor) Trappings: Gets asked often “Why do you always have to look!” (like Pippin) Description: It killed the cat, and it might kill your hero as well. Curious characters are easily dragged into any adventure. They have to check out everything and always want to know what’s behind a potential mystery. Enemies: Coalition, True Federation of Magic Trappings: After Tolkeen, everyone hated everyone. Mystics and the unaligned magic users faced death squads from both sides. Description: Mystics are equally illegal and reviled in the Coalition and the True Federation of Magic. Heroic (minor) Trappings: Has trouble walking away from a just cause or hard case. Is foolishly brave. Description: This noble soul never says no to a person in need. She doesn’t have to be happy about it, but she always comes to the rescue of those she feels can’t help themselves. She’s the rst one to run into a burning building, usually agrees to hunt monsters for little or no pay, and is generally a pushover for a sob story. Major Vow: No ranged weapons Description: he character has a vow of some sort. Whether it’s Major or Minor depends on the Vow itself. Some may have Vows to particular orders or causes, to the Hippocratic Oath, to rid the world of evil, and so on. The danger in ful lling the Vow and how often it might occur determines the level of the Hindrance. Whatever the Vow, it’s only a Hindrance if it actually comes into play from time to time and causes the character some discomfort. Small (major) Trappings: 4’9" and 101lbs of righteous fury! Description: Your character is either very skinny, very short, or both relative to his particular race. Subtract 1 from his Toughness for his reduced stature.


+2 vs electronic security Trappings: ??? Description: Your character’s innate understanding of computers makes her one of the most valuable people in the world, whether most folks understand that or not. She gains Knowledge (Computers) at d8, as well as +2 when dealing with electronic security. Alertness Trappings: Between the mystic awakening and running for her life, alertness has been a key survival factor. Description: Not much gets by your hero. He’s very observant and perceptive, and adds +2 to his Notice rolls to hear, see, or otherwise sense the world around him. Arcane Background (Miracles) Trappings: It was a miracle that awakened her rudimentary magical abilities. She associates the sun with her magic. All her spells involve some flash or bright light. Description: Mystics begin with four starting powers (from the list above) and 15 PPE. They also have the Mysticism skill at d8 (which counts as Faith for all other Edge requirements). Arcane Background (Psionics) Trappings: It was the night when her psionic powers awoke. She associates the moon and night with those powers. She has to briefly close her eyes to activate her psi powers. Description: As a minor psionic, a Mystic begins with three powers (from the above list) and 10 ISP. He also has a beginning Psionics skill of d6. Auto-Mega Damage Trappings: Her holy vision showed her that she could fight the monsters, and it gave her the power to be a mighty agent of hope. Description: Born to fight the biggest and toughest threats, your hero’s combat spells are inherently potent. All of her damage-dealing spells and magical effects are automatically Mega Damage, even the non-Mega Power versions. Cosmic Confluence Trappings: As much a blessing as a curse, the dual abilities are linked within her soul and she can draw on the twilight in the day to succor the sun, or use her solar faith to shine through the night. Description: Not only do Mystics enjoy the unique capacity to possess two Arcane Backgrounds, they are able to interchange their ISP and PPE as needed. A Mystic can sacrifice two ISP to use as one PPE, and vice versa. Power Points shifted like this must be used at the moment they are exchanged, they cannot be shifted and then simply stored. For example, if a Mystic shifts 4 PPE in order to gain 2 ISP, he must immediately use those points of ISP to enact a psionic power. Danger Sense Trappings: Running from two awful oppressive powers fine tunes one’s mundane senses, but for those blessed with holy gifts, it can take it to a higher level of conciousness. Description: Your hero can sense when something bad is about to happen. Anytime he’s about to be the victim of a surprise attack, ambush, or other nasty surprise, he gets a Notice roll at –2 just before the attack or event occurs. If successful, the character knows something is about to happen and may take appropriate action against it. This means the hero is on Hold for the first round of a combat. Should the hero fail his roll, he still follows the normal Surprise rules, if applicable (see page 65). Holy Warrior Trappings: This is her calling, laid down in her vision as she lay dying. It filled her with light and hope. She is charged with smiting evil throughout the land. Description: Acolytes, clerics, paladins, holy slayers, and other avatars of the gods are frequently tasked with battling the forces of evil in the mortal world. This Edge gives them a slight advantage against such foes. As an action, a priest or other holy person may call upon his chosen deity to repulse supernaturally evil creatures, such as the undead, demons, and the like. It also works on evil characters with the Arcane Background (Miracles) Edge. Repulsing evil costs 1 Power Point and has a range of the character’s Spirit. Targeted creatures within that range must make a Spirit roll. Failure means the creature is Shaken; a 1 means it is destroyed. Wild Cards suffer an automatic Wound instead. A character may also be an Unholy Warrior working for the forces of evil. In this case, he repulses good creatures, such as angels, paladins, or good characters with Arcane Background (Miracles). Linguist Trappings: She found the ability to communicate with her fellow sapients fundemental, and lo! she was bestowed with the gift of tongues. Description: The character has an ear for languages and a rare talent for recognizing similarities between them. A character with this Edge starts with a number of languages equal to his Smarts die, and can make a Smarts roll at –2 to make herself understood in any language or dialect she has heard spoken for at least a week. Master of Magic Trappings: She had little faith, but her vision inspired something deep insider her, unlocking potential never dreamed. She had the “gift” of magic before, but the soul of the light made her the master of magic. Description: Mystics have the Master of Magic Edge, gaining Mega Powers for all their known powers. They also have the Rapid Recharge Edge, though it only applies to their PPE recovery (not ISP). Mystic Awareness Trappings: There is energy everywhere, of life, of hope, of love, of evil, of hate. The ether is infused with it, and ready to be felt by those willing to try. Description: Mystics have powerful extrasensory perception and attunement, granting them the Alertness and Danger Sense Edges, as well as the use of detect/conceal arcana at will, costing no PPE or ISP, as a free action. They can also sense powerful supernatural beings with a Notice check, anywhere within line of sight. Power Points (PPE) Trappings: Hard work, training and faith have built up her magic reserves. Description: Wizards, weird scientists, and other arcane types always want more power. This Edge grants them an additional 5 Power Points. Power Points may be selected more than once, but only once per Rank. Power Surge Trappings: The mystic powers are all around, and when an eddy or a wave crashes on you, you must be open to it’s gift. Description: This Edge is for those characters with Arcane Backgrounds. When dealt a Joker, the character recovers 2d6 Power Points. He may not exceed his usual limit. Rapid Recharge Trappings: Constant focus and faith do heal the soul and rejuvinate the spirit. Praying a rosary or singing a hymn help speed the process. Description: This Edge allows an arcane character to regain 1 Power Point every 30 minutes. PPE only. Spiritual Channel Trappings: Asking the spirits directly for advice is one of the greatest gifts. Description: Constantly in contact with spirits, and quite possibly with divine messengers of whatever faith the Mystic follows, he can use the divination power at will, costing no ISP or PPE. Each time he uses it, however,„ he must make a Vigor roll to resist becoming Fatigued. Each subsequent use of the power over the course of a day imposes a cumulative −1 penalty on the Vigor check, these penalties continue to stack until he gets a full night’s rest (eight hours). It is possible for a Mystic to Incapacitate himself with this ability. Fatigue levels gained from Spiritual Channel can only be recovered after eight hours of rest (succor cannot restore).

Powers & Cybernetics

bolt Rank: Novice | PPE 1/missile | Range: 12/24/48 | Duration: Instant Trappings: (Mystic Special: Soul Blast) By focusing on the omnipresent divine will, this holy light bypasses the inanimate shields and only hits the corrupt souls seeking refuge behind. Like god-rays piercing the clouds. Description: Bolt is a standard attack power of wizards, and can also be used for ray guns, bursts of energy, streaks of holy light, and other ranged attacks. The damage of the bolt is 2d6. ONSLAUGHT Power Points: 2–8 or 4 | Range: 18/36/72| Duration: Instant The caster can throw up to four 3d6 bolts for two Power Points each, or a single 6d6 bolt for 4 Power Points. In either case, the damage is Mega Damage. burst Rank: Novice | PPE 2 | Range: Cone Template | Duration: Instant Trappings:(Light:Sunlight) Whether the sun is a god or goddess does not matter. The sun is the source of life on earth and by channeling a violent solar flare, enemies of life on earth can be vaporized. Description: Burst produces a large fan of energy that bathes its targets in red-hot fire or other damaging energy. When cast, place the thin end of the Cone Template at the character’s front. Targets within the template may make Agility rolls versus the caster’s arcane skill roll to avoid the blaze. Those who fail suffer 2d10 damage. This counts as a Heavy Weapon. GREATER BURST Power Points: 4 | Range: Cone Template | Duration: Instant Use of this Mega Power enhances the burst power to 3d12 Mega Damage. entangle Rank: Novice | PPE 2-4 | Range: Smarts | Duration: Special Trappings: (Fire/Heat: Fatigue) This spell calls on the solar energy to draw tendrils of light and fire to form a barricade or ensnare the wicked in its fiery tangles. Description: This power allows the character to restrain a target with snaking vines, lengths of hair, spider webs, or some other vine-like trapping.The arcane skill roll is opposed by the target’s Agility. Success indicates partial restraint so that the target suffers a –2 penalty to Pace and skills linked to Agility and Strength. A raise restrains the target fully. He cannot move or use any skills linked to Agility or Strength. Each following action, an entangled target may make a Strength or Agility roll to break free. Other characters may also attempt to free the ensnared person by making a Strength roll at –2. For 2 Power Points entangle targets a single opponent. For 4 points it affects everyone in a Medium Burst Template. GREATER ENTANGLE Power Points: +2 | Range: Smarts × 2 | Duration: Special Using this Mega Power version means targets are fully entangled on a success. A raise means a empts to escape are made at −4. smite Rank: Novice | PPE 2 | Range: Touch | Duration: 3 (1/round) Trappings: (Mystic Special: Celestial Silver) This spell draws on the divine light from a billion stars to infuse their holy light into a mighty weapon to ward the night from evil. Description:This power is cast on a weapon of some sort. If it’s a ranged weapon, it affects one entire magazine, 20 bolts, shells, or arrows, or one full “load” of ammunition (the GM may have to determine the exact quantity for unusual weapons). While the spell is in effect, the weapon’s damage is increased by +2 or +4 with a raise. GREATER SMITE Power Points: 4 | Range: Touch | Duration: 3 (1/round) This Mega Power version of smite confers two effects: The bonus damage is +4 with success, +8 with a raise, and the damage becomes Mega Damage. The caster may choose any Trapping to confer at the time of casting. This might be silver, re, holy light, etc.


healing Rank: Novice | ISP 3 | Range: Touch | Duration: Instant Trappings: (Mystic Special: Gift of Life) This power transfers life into the recipient as the caster transfers their own. It is a peaceful and serene process. The caster appears to age ever so slight during this power. Description:Healing repairs recent bodily damage. It must be used within the “Golden Hour,” though, for it has no effect on wounds more than one hour old. Healing can also cure poison and disease if used within 10 minutes of the event. illusion Rank: Novice | ISP 3 | Range: Smarts | Duration: 3 (1/round) Trappings: The caster must generate the initial illusion with their eyes closed, one hand touching their head, once the power is in effect, they can open their eyes again and drop their hand. Description: Illusion makes a single target see something that isn’t there, or else see things differently than they actually are. The caster’s arcane skill roll is opposed by the target’s Spirit; a success means the target perceives the illusion as real with all of her senses, but each direct interaction with the illusion (an attack, directly touching it, or being impeded by the image in some way) grants the target an additional opposed roll to realize it’s not real. With a raise by the caster, the target is convinced the illusion is real for as long as it’s maintained. Illusory attacks can never actually wound a target, though they can cause her to become Shaken. Such attacks are made with the caster’s arcane skill but resolved like any Fighting, Shooting, Throwing, or similar roll. Passive illusions, like a wall, take little effort to maintain. The Power Point cost must be met, but only normal maintenance penalties apply. Active illusions, such as a black cat or phantom enemies, require constant concentration. The caster must expend an action each round spent maintaining such active illusions. This power only works on sapient beings. It is useless against animals, robots, or mindless creatures. telepathy Rank: Novice | ISP 2 | Range: Sight | Duration: 3 (1/round) Trappings: The caster must touch the side of their head activate telepathy. Touching a helmet is fine. Description:Telepathy is used to communicate mentally with other people. If the target is willing, a simple success is all that is needed. Otherwise,the roll is opposed by the target’s Spirit. Success allows communication with the target. Only those thoughts and images the participants wish to send can be sensed; anything more requires mind reading. If the caster cannot see the target, they must know and be able to identify the intended recipient in some reasonable fashion; their roll suffers a −4 penalty. Once telepathic contact is established, it may be maintained up to one mile away. Each conversation established via telepathy counts as a separate power for purposes of maintenance penalties. Telepathy can be used to speak with entities with whom you do not share a language; communication is based on thoughts and images. However, this form of communication can be difficult and basic in nature. The stranger the being (spirits, monsters, or beings from entirely different realms), the more complicated even the most basic communication can be.

Lady Jo

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