NPC Damien

Psi Stalker Wilderness Scout



Invalid dice code! : Pick weapon of choice.
Invalid dice code! : Add one die type to Strength and Brawny Edge (+1 Toughness)
Invalid dice code! : (pick 2) Pick Armor and add 2 mods.

Narrative Hook:
Invalid dice code! — The evil that men do.

Character Sheet:

Name: Damien OCC: Wilderness Scout Race: Psi Stalker
Rank: Seasoned Experience: 20+5 Advances Left: 0
Race: Psi Stalker Human
Iconic Framework: M.A.R.S. Wilderness Scout
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d6, Spirit d8, Strength d10, Vigor d10
Charisma: -2; Pace: 10; Parry: 7; Toughness: 8, In Armor: 20 (12) ;


Fighting d10 Shooting d12 Notice d8 Riding d6 Swimming d4 Pilot Hover d4 Survival d8 +2 Tracking d8 +2 Stealth d8 +4 Running d12


Heroic (Major): Help those in need. Illiterate(Minor): Unable to read or write. Wanted (Minor): Wanted by the CS, see Narrative Hook below.

Edges & Advances

M.A.R.S. Edge: Fleet-Footed: +2 Pace M.A.R.S. Edge: Woodsman: +2 to Tracking, Survival & Stealth. F&G Edge: Brawny: +1 to Toughness Edge from Hindrance: (Picked Improve Attribute instead of edge) : +1 die type to Vigor Edge from Hindrance: (Picked Improve Attribute instead of edge) : +1 die type to Strength Free Edge Human: Elan : +2 to rolls when use a Bennie (including Soak Rolls). Edge from Advance: Controlled Hunger : Need 3 PP every 48 hours. Edge from Advance: Quick : Pull weapon is free action. Edge from Advance: Quick Draw : If dealt a 5 or lower, get new & higher Initiative card dealt. Edge from Advance: (Picked Improve Attribute instead of edge) : +1 die type to Strength Edge from Race: Ambidexterity : No off hand penalty.

Iconic Framework

Wilderness Scout/M.A.R.S.: Add one die type to Vigor. Notice d6 Survival d8 Tracking d8 Edge: Fleet Footed +2 pace and d10 Running Edge: Woodsman +2 Tracking. Survival. Stealth. Start with Crazie Gear: Wilks 237 Pistol, NG-E4 Plasma Ejector Range 24/48/96 Damage 3d10** Shots 120, Vibro Sword, NG-S2 Survival Pack, 2d6x100 credits.

Hero’s Journey

Narrative Hook: 1d20 = 19: The Evil That Men Do. Prior to working for the Legion, Damien was a CS Psi Stalker in the Tolkeen Wars. Near the end of the war he betrayed the CS and switched sides. While helping refugees escape from the CS Damien ended up at Castle Refuge. As a member of the Legion he has invoked the ire of the CS several times. As far as Damien knows, no one knows he was once CS. This is a highly guarded secret he will not tell anyone. True name: Sgt. Damien Otto Vos, C.S.S.F. & Recon.

M.A.R.S. Fortune & Glory
Fortune and Glory

1d12 = 1: — Pick weapon of choice: **NG-E4 Plasma Ejector. Plasma Weapons engulf a target all-at-once. Plasma tends to ignite targets (1 in 6 chance) doing 1d10 continuous damage until doused. 1d12 = 7: — Add one die type to Strength and Brawny Edge (+1 Toughness) 1d12 = 12 —> (pick 2): Old style CS repainted flat black CA-4 Standard “Dead Boy” Body Armor: CA-4 provides +7 Armor and +2 Toughness. Modification #1: High density plating adds a +3 Armor. Modification #2: Specialized paint adds a +2 to Stealth checks in woodland settings or can be switched (as an action) to urban settings.

Psi Stalker Abilities

Ambidexterity: Psi-Stalkers have the Ambidextrous Edge. Animal Empathy: Psi-Stalkers have an inherent empathy with animals. They start with Riding d6 and animals treat them as one of their own. This effect can be problematic if the animal in question is a territorial loner. Fast: Psi-Stalkers have Pace +2 and increase their Running die by one die type (usually Pace 8 and d8 run die). Outsider: Psi-Stalkers are creepy and off-putting, and make those with magic or psionic abilities especially nervous (for obvious reasons). They are barely more than a slave class in the Coalition and despised in the Federation of Magic. They suffer −2 Charisma with everyone except others of their kind. Psychic Sense: Psi-Stalkers have the inherent ability to detect arcana, usable at will. They use the Notice skill to detect the presence and location of any psychic or magic energies, beings, or items. They can also use the Tracking skill to track a specific magical or psionic entity. This sense works to detect anything psychic, magic, or supernatural, including invisible and astral beings. Psychic Sense doesn’t work inside sealed armor or vehicles. Cybernetic implants also cause problems; every point of Strain imposes a −1 penalty when the Psi-Stalker uses his Psychic Sense (the Cyber-Psychic Alignment Edge can negate this penalty). See below information/note. Psychic Vampire: Psi- Stalkers require a diet of PPE or ISP drained from living beings. They gain this using the Draining PPE/ISP rules (page 121), which only works by touch. The Psi-Stalker must cut and draw blood from her intended victim or donor (which must be supernaturally, magically, or psionically active to provide sustenance). Psi-Stalkers must consume at least 5 Power Points (PPE or ISP) a day or suffer Fatigue (Note took edge controlled hunger = 3PP/48hours). They starve to death after a week of being Incapacitated by lack of “food.” Each 5 PPE/ISP drained restores one level of Fatigue. Consumed Power Points cannot be used to fuel spells or psionic powers. Racial Enemy: Many Psi-Stalker and Simvan tribes have been at war for years. Meetings between the species start argumentative and get worse. Psi-Stalkers suffer −4 Charisma with Simvan. Restricted Paths: Working arcane magic is impossible for Psi-Stalkers. They cannot take any Arcane Background using PPE, nor any Iconic Framework that includes it.


Dog Boys and Psi-Stalkers have the innate ability to sense and track the supernatural. Like any sense, certain environmental conditions or situations can impair or even block its use. Ley lines in particular are so powerful anyone within one cannot be detected at all with Psychic Sense, and those nearby are harder to sense as well. Other sources of supernatural energy, including large numbers of living beings, can confuse the Psychic Sense too. A ley line storm completely negates the ability to track anyone whose trail passed through the area it affected.

Psychic Sense Modifiers

−4 Target within 10” (20 yards) of a ley line or source of supernatural energy. −2 Target within 25” (50 yards) of ley line or source of supernatural energy. −2 Target within a large group of living beings (a bustling city street or herd of animals). −2 Target or sensing character near a powerful supernatural entity (a dragon or greater demon). −2 Tracking target 24–48 hours since in area. −4 More than two days since target was in area (targets cannot be tracked after a week).

NPC Damien

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