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Character Sheet: Sgt. Severin Fell, 1st S.E.T.

Player Name: Fell
Google Handle:

Severin Fell, Savage Juicer
Rank: Novice
Experience: 8 (VV)
Advances Left: 0
Race: Human

Attributes: Agility d12, Smarts d6, Spirit d8, Strength d10, Vigor d8 / (2STR, +2VIG, +2AGI, +1 Raised Initial Advances, original 5).
Skills: Fighting d12, Shooting d12, Stealth d10, Notice d8, Climbing d6, Wilderness Survival d6, Literate: English d4.
(15 skills points and 5 skill points to use towards Fighting and Shooting from HJ).
Charisma: 0;
Pace: 16;
Parry: 9 (-1 when using Chainsaw Sword);
Toughness: 7 (
1 from Armor = Toughness of 8 / Juicer Armor +9) Note: −2 to be hit by all attacks;
Burn: 10 +2


Death Wish (Minor) The Juicer knows he’s going to die, and he wants to go out magnificently, having done something folks remember and are inspired by. Overconfident (Major) Has supreme trust in his abilities. Quirk (Minor) Severin is prone to chuckling, laughing, cackling or flat out crazy giggling while in the heat of combat. If the situation calls for silence he is able to do so, however in unbidden battles his deadly, loud, crazy laughter echoes across the battle field. Vow (Minor) Fight the Supernatural to save humanity.


Quick (I.F.) Discard draw of 5 or less for a new & higher card for Initiative. Fleet Footed (I.F.) +2 Pace, d10 Running die instead of a d6. Brawny (I.F.) Toughness +1; load limit is 8 x Str Split the Seconds (HJ3) This Edge grants an extra action/attack to the character each round. No multi-action penalty. Freshly Juiced (Human) Add +2 to Burn Elan (N1) Add +2 to rolls, including Soak rolls, when using Bennie. First Strike (Hind) May attack one foe who moves adjacent.

Powers & Cybernetics

The Burn
At the start of each session, the player rolls his Burn Die, a d10, and if the roll is equal to or greater than the Juicer’s current Burn he must reduce his Burn by one point or he dies, irrevocably, by the end of the session.

Internal Repair System
As an action, the Juicer can make a natural healing roll at +2 to heal wounds; this costs one charge. The system holds a maximum of three charges and requires eight hours to recover one charge.

Burning Bright
Spending Burn gives the Juicer a d10 Burn Die to add to any Trait or damage roll.

Super Endurance
Juicers begin with +2 Vigor die types, with no Trait maximum. They require only half the normal amount of sleep, and gain +2 on all Fatigue checks.

Super Reflexes
Begins with +2 Agility die types, with no Trait maximum. Adds Uncanny Reflexes, −2 to be hit by all attacks, and Quick Edge.

Super Speed
Double base Pace. Also has Fleet-Footed Edge (Pace of 16”, d10 running).

Super Strength
Begins with +2 Strength die types, with no Trait maximum. They also begin with the Brawny Edge.

When added cybernetics each point of Strain removes a point of Burn!

Drug Induced Euphoria/Tranquility
Suffers−1 to all Smarts or Smarts-linked skill rolls in non-combat or low stress situations. On the first round of any combat, he doesn’t gain the benefits of Uncanny Reflexes or Quick.



Narrative Hook 1d20 = 18: A Battle Beyond the Rifts: The Rifts go both ways in many cases, acting as portals to dimensions beyond the stars and, sometimes, beyond reason. For some cause or goal—or perhaps purely by accident—your hero wound up on one of countless worlds or planes of existence, caught in a battle for her life and maybe the fate of her home and everyone she cares about. On the other hand, maybe she is a native of that other world, and a battle she never expected pulled her into this place where she struggles to find her way, with the help of the Legion.

Background Story:

The Unholy Desert, outside the Demon City of Hellvat, near the base of the Demon Mountains, Wormwood.

Like a dark chthonian knight the demon stood over the Juicer, blood and saliva dripping from its elongated mouth full of razor sharp needle-like teeth. It’s red skin burned in a malicious heat as flames flickered in its outstretched clawed hands. Unearthly psychic empowered flames twisted and sizzled across the Juicers back, blackening the man’s high-density armor.

The Juicer rolled over onto his back in an agonizing attempt to extinguish the flames. Groaning he looked up between beaten and swollen eyes at the hell spawned creature jovially cackling down at his burned face and body.

Turning his sore neck the Juicer glanced across the dust laden grey ground of the alien world at the strange beasts of the caravan and the poor dirty humans who were beset upon by these horrific demons. His eyes watered from the heat wafting down at him, turning his head to the right he looked at his Great Chain Sword, into the mirrored and reflective surface of its blade, at his broken and bloody features. Through bloody split lips he muttered aloud, “My hair is as grey as my eyes these days”. Chuckling he instantly felt the burn of chemicals flow into his body, hissing happily with the adrenaline surge.

He had been a Juicer for only a few short, yet hellaciously fast and furious, months. After undergoing the process of Juicer conversion, paid for by his two older brothers, Severin set out to seek his own adventure. His trek accidentally led him across the rifts and through a crackling blue white portal to this nightmarish land. Traveling with the female Wormspeaker and the Priest of Light, along with a dozen dirty humans who were both nice and malnourished. They only ate grubs and the Priest summoned them water.

The Juicer noticed the demon was reaching a smoking spiked finger down at him. Tapping the blazing hot tip of its finger at the neck harness around Severin’s neck the creature spoke.

“Whose slave are you? What strange device is this?”

Severin had joined these people last night and they had immediately offered to travel with him to a city called Worldgate, so that he could return home. When they were set upon by these demons he had been asleep, his first few hours of sleep in several days.

“I’m not a slave you demonic ashtray!”

Feeling zero pain, in fact, feeling better than ever, Severen bolted forward and upward stabbing straight out, right handed fist punching from his own chest to the mouth of the flaming demon.

The creature’s head snapped backwards and it howled in pain from the powerful punch. Rapidly rolling to his right the Juicer sprang across the distance to his chainsword. Firmly grasping the leather wrapped hilt of the large chainsword Severen spun back towards the demon with murder in his eyes.

A bolt of supernatural fire tore from the deadly open hand of the grizzly demon, streaking across the distance towards Severen. Twisting and spinning with blinding speed the Juicer deftly avoided the bolt and moved across the distance between man and beast.

Slashing the large two handed chiansword maniacally the Juicer chuckled in glee as he shredded the demon with several fatal jagged slashes. Consumed by its own flames the demon burned as the Juicer strode across the grey ground, dust eddies swirling in his wake as he gained speed and ran into the mists of several other demons of various shape and form, who were tormenting the others of the caravan.

After several moments, what felt like a lifetime to the Juicer, but in fact were mere seconds, the Juicer forced himself to breathe slower, calming drugs flowed through his system relaxing him as tiny nano surgery bots went about their invisible job of healing his wounds.

Standing in the middle of a colossal mound of blood, guts and steaming entrails that littered and leaked across the bleak grey muddy ground, the Juicer watched the stunned caravan members. They appeared shaken by the events, either from the torment of the demons, the Juicers swift slaughtering of said demons, or maybe simply both scenarios.

Moving across the muck the Juicer leaned down assisting the female Wormspeaker in standing back up.

“Thank you Master Fell.”

Trying to not let on how unsettling it was seeing the dramatically beautiful woman speak with a mouthful of disgusting writhing worms the Juicer looked away from her fascinating green eyes towards the distance. Shades of grey, pink and more blackness rolled across the horizon.

“Severin. Just Severin is fine. Is Worldgate much further?”

“Yes and no traveler. It is extremely far by foot. Not too far by portal. I know a Freelancer named Lazarus who can open a door for you to the city. I’ve communed with the planet. I have seen Lazarus is just beyond those hills in a small town. If we hurry we can be there soon.”

Looking out towards the distant hills the Juicer briefly considered sprinting ahead but decided he owed these people. They were talking of leaving their cargo behind due to their cart animal being slain during the attack.

“Give me those reigns I’ll pull the cart. Let’s go.”

Stunned the caravaners watched their cart, laden with their belonging, pulled with apparent ease by the Juicer.

“You are a strange and …strong man, …Severin.”

Nodding, Severin grinned and carried on. He would help these people get to safety then see this Mage named Lazarus. Getting back home, anywhere on Earth would be a blessing compared to this hellish grey world.

In under a week the Juicer was happily back “home”, not in Kingsdale where he received his training and conversion, but Earth for sure.

The lush green rolling mountains and trees of the Ozarks was a blessing and gorgeous sight after the bleak lands of Wormwood.

Ironically it had been the Mage named Lazarus who had informed the Juicer about the Tomorrow Legion asking him to deliver a package to one Erin Tarn in Castle Refuge.

The delivery of the package was a very inexpensive price to pay for passage between worlds, the Juicer gladly paid the price. While delivering the package to the wizened scholar, Severin ended up staying with the Legion. There were plenty of people who needed help fighting against the evils of the CS and the evil True Federation.

That’s where M.A.R.S. of the Tomorrow Legion comes into play. MARS stands for Mobile Assault, Rescue and Strike. MARS is the military army of the Legion.

Burn on!

Gear List:

Wooden Cross on Silver Chain NG-S2 Survival Pack Gas Mask with black in color brushes or plumes of horsehair like a Mohawk.

Chain Greatsword

Damage: Str+2d10 Weight: 22 lbs Cost: 18,500 Notes: AP 2, Parry −1, 2 hands.

JA-9 Variable Laser

Range: 40/80/160 Damage: 3d6+1 RoF: 1 AP: 3 HJ5 Upgrade: AP 5 Shots: 30 Weight: 6 lbs Cost: 20,000 Notes: Integrated scope with night vision and laser targeting (offset two points of Range and/or darkness penalties).

Wilks 320 Laser Pistol

Weight: 2 lbs Range: 18/36/72 Damage: 2d6 ROF: 1 Payload: 20 AP: 2 Note: Semi-Auto

Vibro Knife

Weight: 2 lbs Range: Damage: Str (d10) +d6 ROF: Payload: AP: 4 Note: Starting gear downgraded from Vibro Sword to Vibro Knife.

Armor – Juicer Assassin Plate

Weight: 14 lbs. Armor Value: +6 Armor / +1 Toughness (Modified to +9 Armor from upgrade) Upgrades: (High-Density plating grants a +3 to Armor) Note: Painted Black and worn over black fatigues. This armor is non-environmental.

Credits: 1,300

NPC Fell - Juicer

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