Savage Rifts

The Melting Pot of Adventure...

Session One

Start of a new campaign, Savage Rifts.

Several players have been playing Rifts since it originated in 1992. Some are new. Characters come from a mix of background worlds. Some are Palladium Books Rifts Characters (converted) and some are from Savage Worlds. Others are from PB Chaos Earth another from Call of Cthulhu by Chaosism. Others are from much further away dimensionally. Together they are all new to the Legion.

Session One

As members of the Legion:

Temporal Wizard 

Mercenary Wookie

Gunslinger form 1928 CoC

Chaos Earth Monkey Boy Psi Operator 

come across Von, a D-Bee child from Garnet Town. After saving the kid the group explore and investigate the Town and factions within. 




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