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The Golden Age of Mankind spawned scientific and technological marvels capable of transforming the lives of every living person on Earth. The evolution of humankind across multiple disciplines and ideas sadly did not keep up with the species’ biological and cybernetic transhuman developments. According to some legends, this led to one or more terrible wars that cost the lives of billions and brought about the Coming of the Rifts and the Chaos Earth era.

The Coming of the Rifts caused a massive network of ley lines to swell with magic energy, tear open the fabric of reality and unleash an incursion of first millions, then billions of dimensional beings (D-Bees) from untold realities beyond the quantum veil. The chaos of this time caused a seemingly endless cycle of death and destruction that literally fed on itself due to the impact it had on the ley lines and Rifts.

The few remaining civilizations fell during the era now known as the Dark Ages, marked by most scholars with the re- emergence of the lost land of Atlantis and the horrors its inhabitants unleashed upon the world. Monsters and conquerors from realms of sorcery and super-science nearly brought an end to anything that resembled Earth’s societies and cultures. Only the dedicated e orts and terrible sacrifices of heroes— Glitter Boys, Cyber-Knights, and anyone willing to take up weapons or spells to fight— prevented total obliteration or enslavement. 

Finally, out of the darkness came points of light as Earth’s inhabitants began rebuilding instead of simply surviving. This era—the current one, as most scholars reckon it—was heralded by a new calendar established by the Coalition States in North America. Chi- Town rose on the outskirts of what was once Chicago, and with it, calendar year 1 Post- Apocalypse (PA). And other strongholds of humanity emerged around the globe, reaching out to those who survived and were building something like a civilization in the face of horror and chaos.

For North America, things did not go smoothly. The first hundred years were marked by power struggles between the Coalition and those who embraced magic and divergent sentient populations. The Federation of Magic and other magically oriented realms became bi er enemies with Chi-Town and its allies.

Just after the first century of this new calendar, devastating conflict erupted in the middle lands, where humanity struggled to rebuild on the American continent. Conspiracies and misunderstandings led to the Juicer Uprising in 104 and 105 PA, culminating in the siege and near- destruction of the CS city of Newtown. Not long after, Coalition Emperor Karl Prosek announced his Campaign of Unity (also referred to as the Crusade for Humanity), whereby many communities were brought under the Coalition flag while ever-increasing military operations were undertaken to destroy enclaves of magic wielders and D-Bees. The CS military underwent a massive overhaul, revealing even greater technological developments (both rediscovered and newly created).

The defining moment of this new century so far was the Siege of Tolkeen, a war that spanned nearly ve years and ended well over a million lives. Tolkeen, a once-noble and strong realm given to magic, ultimately fell to ruin not only from without, but from within. Its leaders sacrifed honor and ethics to unleash hellish nightmares in the name of victory. Among the many losses suffered with the fall of Tolkeen was the Order of Cyber-Knights, split by a schism over serving alongside Tolkeen or staying out of the war.

Now it is August, 109 PA. The ashes of Tolkeen still smolder,the Coalition struggles to rebuild its forces and expandits influence, and the Federation of Magic’s leaders plot and scheme for their own run at domination. Untold numbers of other factions do the same, both on the continent and around the globe. Still, millions struggle just to survive and build something out of the destruction and anarchy of the world. 

The Party are a mixture of diverse individuals brought together as a Special Exploration Team (SET) working for the Tommarow Legion. As the Party is returning from a mission it regroups in Garnet Town, just in time to help the locals rescue their missing town folk. Along side a few Coalition soldiers the Party helps Garnet Town and defeats a Federation of Magic Shifter named Symon.   

The following pages chronicle our Parties Adventures.  

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