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My name is Dan Frederick (Fell @ PEG and PB forums) of

I have been game mastering Rifts since 1990. My currant game group and I have been playing Rifts since 2013 or 2014.

We have jumped back and forth between Chaos Earth and Rifts. Over the decades I have run my Rifts/CE games using Palladium Books/Rifts rules. I made minor tweaks and such but ran the game 99% as per the Main Book rules. I decided I would give Savage Worlds a chance since they are releasing Savage Rifts. So I jumped on board the KS and am waiting for my goods.

I have been running Rifts in the PB time line. Once Savage Worlds releases Savage Rifts we will be playing the Savage Rifts time line of 109 PA. My game group is starting Savage Rifts with new characters (many of whom are actually from other game systems). We will play the Final Siege of Tolkeen and move into the new Savage Rifts stuff later in the year.

The outcome and the war will – sometimes be the forefront – sometimes the background – of what our SW Rifts characters are up to. Our Party is made up of characters from many Game Systems (DnD/OSRIC/CoC/Rifts/Star Wars ect). Our Party will travel between realities, across multiple game platforms and across North America Rifts.

Welcome to Savage Rifts, a portal for chronicling our adventures.

GM History:
1990 – 2016 Palladium Books Rifts
2012 – 2016 Palladium Books Chaos Earth.
2015 Savage Worlds Weird West Deadlands Reloaded, Achtung! Cthulhu WWII, and TimeZero.
2016 Dreadlands, the Savage Beasts and Barbarians RPG. Still Actively playing in addition to Rifts.

My main game(s) are Rifts and Beasts & Barbarians.

I usually run Palladiums Rifts or SW’s Deadlands Reloaded at conventions, namely ConQuest Avalon in Sacramento and KublaCon in San Francisco.

Shameless plug & written by me, check out the Rifter #69 Chaos Earth First Responders of New Mexico & Rifter #71-72 Rifts Coalition States Reaper Cell!

If you are into Playing online check out the PbP Savage Rifts site. I am not an admin there, just a player: Severin Fell – Savage Juicer – Burn on!


I will strive to keep this “portal” up to date with our adventures.

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