Savage Rifts

Savage & Simple Rules

I have printed (double sided) and laminate several copies of the following for players to refer to while we play.



• Deal each Wild Card and group (bad guys) one card.
• Reshuffle the deck the round after a Joker is dealt.
• A Joker allows the character to act whenever he wants in a round, and adds a +2 to all his Trait (Traits are both Attributes & Skills) and damage rolls that round.

• A character may move up to his Pace and perform an action, such as making a hand-to-hand attack, firing a ranged weapon, or making a test of wills.
• A character may attempt additional actions, such as running, but incurs a -2 penalty to all Trait rolls for each additional action.

• The attacker makes a single Fighting roll. If the roll is equal to or greater than his target’s Parry, the attack hits (see Damage). A raise (4 points over what you need to succeed) on the attack roll adds +1d6 to the damage.

• The attacker makes a single Shooting roll and subtracts 2 for Medium range and 4 for Long range. If the roll is successful (TN 4 of more), the attack hits (see Damage). A raise on the attack roll adds +1d6 to the damage.

• If the damage is equal to or greater than the victim’s Toughness, he’s Shaken.
• A Shaken character who receives a second Shaken result is wounded.
• If the damage exceeds the victim’s Toughness by a raise, he’s Wounded. Wounded Extras are Incapacitated and removed from play. Wild Cards can suffer up to three wounds.
• When a Wild Card suffers more than three wounds, he falls unconscious for 1d6 days.

Aftermath & Healing
• A Healing roll on an injured Wild Card heals 1 wound with a success and 2 with a raise. If the roll is failed, the wound must heal naturally.
• Additional Magic or Psionic Healing is possible.

Test of Wills
• Intimidation: Opposed roll versus Spirit. Taunt: Opposed roll versus Smarts.

Setting Rules of note for Savage Rifts, Game Mastered by Dan Frederick

Wild Card – All Player Characters and Important NPC, both good and evil, are Wild Cards. Wild Cards roll a Wild Die (d6) with each of their rolls. Wild Cards have their own Bennies and can take more Wounds than Extras.

Fear / Horror Check – Spirit roll (TN is 4 unless otherwise stated). Success means the character is able to carry on. Failure means rolling on the Fright Table (page 98 of Main Savage Worlds book). Characters will become Jaded over time and not need to make fear checks against horrors already encountered.

Traits – Traits refers to both Attributes (Agility, Smarts, Spirit, Strength, and Vigor) & Skills.

Ace (Exploding die) – When one rolls a die and it lands on the max for that die it explodes and is rolled again. Example: a d6 rolls a 6, re-roll the d6 and it gets a 4, your final roll is a 10.

Raise – Rolling 4 points over what you need to succeed is a Raise.

TN – Target Number, the base TN is always a 4 unless the GM states otherwise.

Shaken – If a character is Shaken they are rattled, shocked and must make a Spirit roll to be effective. Once Shaken make a Spirit roll: Failure, free actions only, Success, no longer Shaken and act normally. Spending a Bennie removes Shaken. Try a Spirit roll before spending Bennie.

Modified Critical Failures – If a Wild Card rolls double 1’s on his die it is a Critical Failure! To re-roll costs TWO Bennies! Otherwise the GM will elaborate on the critical incident is that occurs.

Modified Jokers Wild – My Savage games use a deck of cards for Initiative order. My Initiative deck has 4 Jokers placed into it. The deck is shuffled the round after a Joker is dealt.

Power Points (ISP and PPE) – Power Points refer to both magic and psionic abilities. Recovery of Power Points is 1 per 30 minutes, unless the Edge Rapid Recharge is taken, 1 per 5 minutes.

Bennies – Players can use Bennies to A.) Re-roll any Trait test ie. Attributes test or Skill tests such as Shooting or saving versus a Horror Factor roll using Spirit. Keep highest result. B.) The Blood and Guts rule allows Players to re-roll their Damage roll. Keep highest result. C.) Soak Damage, a character may spend a Bennie to make a Soak roll, which is a Vigor check. A success and each raise reduces the number of wounds suffered from that attack by one. Characters can only make one Soak roll per attack, if a Soak roll eliminates 2 or 3 wounds for example a hero can’t make another Soak roll to eliminate the third wound. Although the Vigor roll can be re-rolled using a Bennie. D.) Extra Effort allows the character to spend a Bennie to add a d6 to a Trait roll. Attributes and Skills only. If done the roll cannot be re-rolled even with a Bennie.



Dreadlands Game


The Dread Sea Dominions of the Savage Beasts & Barbarians (Sword & Sorcery) universe has proven to be an interesting read. I am running a pirate themed One Off Game in the universe today. In the future any “DnD” like game I run, I will run in the Dreadlands based off Beast & Barbarians.

How did the Pirate Game go? Read on…..(update coming). Note: right click the two maps below and view image will show them larger.


Spoiler alert :)
There will be ship vs ship combat mate!


Only a few more One Off Games before we jump into …

… Savage Rifts!


Although I had originally thought this would be a one off game we will, per request, run further sessions in the Dread Seas! Additional details:

Tonight’s Game Title: Dead Mans Hand (One Off)

Game Master: Dan

Players: Liberty / Paul / Henry

The world described in this setting is called the Dread Sea Dominions, by the name of the massive body of water at its center, where the most important modern civilization, the Iron Empire, has flourished and now is slowly, but unstop-ably, decaying under the pressure of its own size and of the barbarians pushing on its borders. This is an age in which a brave warrior and his sword can carve his name in history.

An Age of Iron if you herald from the north lands. A land of barbarians, feared sorcerers, gladiators, Amazons, giant war elephants and buffalo riders!

An Age of newly discovered gunpowder if you are from the south lands. A land of necromancers, pirates and seafarers galore!

Long term arc: The characters are on their way from the lowland island kingdoms of the south to the Iron Empire area. They are hauling a massive cargo of Flintlock pistols (unseen before in the north). The desire is to arrive in the Teeth area and set up shop as pirates and gun runners. Things are a little hot in the south, as most of the party and ship crew are wanted.

The party and their crew arrive in the Lizard Islands area and visit a inland town for provisions (much needed after their long trip north).

Captain Paul the Bloody stays aboard his ship and has a duel with Dread Pirate Emily to stay Captain.

The Surgeon, Bosun and Quartermaster (Paul playing Sam’s character tonight, Liberty and Henry) head ashore to purchase provisions and spend an evening in the local tavern.

Fits of fun and games of chance, drinking of stout beers and whispering in female ears transpires. Then! A card player stands up and shouts, “Dead Mans hand”!

He kills himself and a ghost pulls his soul down into the fire pit.

The Quartermaster / sneaky thief / Morgan decides to raid the booze more and late in the night does some thieving around town.

The surgeon and bosun decide to investigate the fire pit further, after all have fallen asleep or left the tavern. They locate a trap door and head down into a sandy cavern (the trained monkey Mondo goes with them skittering ahead).

After many trials, riddles and scary incidents they find a way into a real pirate kings pile of gold. For now they each take some gold and or gems and decide to come back later since there is too much to carry!

Once all are back on the parties ship: The pirate ship called the Bloody Nine, the crew is attacked while in the bay.

A ghost ship materializes from the rocky walls of the bay and glides across the waters to stand adjacent the Bloody Nine.

A crew of undead aboard the black Phantom board / storm the Nine!

Eventually the crew of the Nine win the day, after heavy losses! Half her crew lay dead.

Now Paul self promotes himself to Admiral and names Morgan Captain of the newly acquired ship.

Decisions are made:
Keep both ships.
Seek more crew members.
Return to the cavern with gold in it as a crew to take the treasure!
Continue on towards the Cove / to sell the Nine’s cargo of fire arms.
Continue to watch out for the Vile Captain “Blackheart” Dingus Crowe who has followed the Bloody Nine from the south seeking to sack her and steal her cargo!

Until next time ye swashbucklers!



Ozark Visions

Our dear PSIONIC characters …






The lush green rolling mountains and trees of the Ozarks calls to you.

1st: Final Siege (of Tolkeen).

Then we head for the Ozarks :) and the Tomorrow Legion.


Rifts / Pirates / Rules

I was able to get (PDF) the new Rifts Players Guide! Reading it instead of sleeping…


This Saturday I am going to run a Savage Pirates game. Dress appropriately lol. Booty will be handed out!!


Spoke with some long term Savage Worlds players and got some good rules clarifications!

My question: When shooting you at a person/creature you are trying to beat the Toughness level?

Answers I got: TN (Target Number) for a Ranged shot is a straight 4, not the Target’s Toughness. Shooting Skill is rolled to get a 4 or higher (plus situational modifiers). If you get a raise (at least 4 over your target number) you get a single additional D6 damage regardless of how many raises you get, not one per raise.

Toughness is used to figure damage (Damage rolled – Toughness – armor = Damage Taken).

The first wound you take makes you Shaken, any additional wounds you take WHILE you are shaken are wounds – you get 3 then you die. You may use a Benny to make a soak roll, as you indicated below, You may use a Benny to get rid of a Shaken status (Though you should make the Spirit roll first as that is free) at any time, as you indicated.

You may NOT Dismiss a wound as you indicated below – Bennies can NOT be spent to get rid of wounds.

So with this I learned that: Toughness is used to figure damage (Damage rolled – Toughness – armor = Damage Taken) ………. lets say I have a E-Pistol that does 3d6 damage, I roll 3d6 and get 12 points of damage to inflict on my target … my target has a Toughness of say 5. So my target takes Shaken, and One Wound. If damage was say 14 = Shaken / Wound & Wound. Because of raises.


Paul ran a future “Bladerunner-esque” Cthulhu game tonight!

Lots of fun, thanks Paul!

Now I’m not sure if I want to watch, Into the Mouth of Madness or Event Horizon more…

I wonder if our characters will come out of cryogenic sleep in 100 years back at Earth or will disaster strike aboard our stolen alien space ship?!



Last week during our Deadlands game (lots of fun thank you all) I stated that, “No. Damage dice do not explode”.

I guess I was wrong:

All damage rolls can “Ace” (explode) as well, which means that you keep rolling and adding whenever damage dice Ace.

You got that right, friend. Even the lowliest goblin can put down a legendary hero with a really lucky roll.

The Rules (downloadable PDF):

So, sorry :)

Was a fun night – thanks all!

Interlude Deadlands

Until Savage Rifts arrives we are still playing Deadlands. I reckon this would be my game if Rifts didn’t exist. :)

((( Yes Sir, I made some props for our next game )))

I believe we will have some guests this weekend and will be 8 to 10 players. Well the town of Leadville awaits you (evil cackle).

Everyone is rolling with pre-made characters.

A Indian Shaman, Mad Scientist, Sawbones, Gunslingers, Card Slinging mages and much more.

The group will be offered a job in Chicago (that’s next time – it’s a train job). While in route to Chicago you’ll encounter some fun and Leadville. Cya Sat.

Combat - Damage - Wounds




Combat is either Melee or Ranged.

Melee Combat: swords, axes, clubs, fist, knives and such are melee weapons.

Ranged Combat: bows, crossbows, thrown axes, guns, and laser weapons are ranged weapons.

Melee Combat – Did you hit? Did it do damage or was it brushed off? Players use their FIGHTING skill. You are attempting to roll higher than a Targets Parry. A raise (4 points) over the Parry adds damage (1d6 per raise).

Example: John swings sword at Tom. John rolls Wild Die (d6) and his Fighting die (d8), with result of a 4 and a 7. Tom has a Parry of 6. The 7 will beat the 6. John rolls damage: 1d6 for a sword. Result is a 5. If 5 is higher than the Toughness of Tom then Tom will be 1st Shaken, then receive Wounds.

Ranged Combat – Did you hit? Did it do damage? Players use their SHOOTING skill. You are attempting to roll higher than a Targets Toughness. A raise (4 points) over the Toughness adds damage (1d6 per raise).

Example: John shoots a gun at Tom. John rolls Wild Die (d6) and his Shooting die (d8), with result of a 5 and a 7. Tom has a Toughness of 6. The 7 will beat the 6. John rolls damage: 2d6 for a gun. Result is a 10. If 10 is higher than the Toughness of Tom then Tom will be 1st Shaken, then receive Wounds.

ALSO, let’s say John rolled a d8 that exploded (rolled an 8) so he rolls again and get a 7, for a 15 to hit. 15 vs Toughness of 7 is a raise. That means John rolls more die for damage. The 2d6 for gun plus a d6 for the raise. Result is 17 damage vs Toughness of 7, a Shaken and a Wound are applied to Tom. Damage die can explode like other rolls. Re-rolling damage die can be done with use of a Bennie.

NPC’s & Players

Mundane non player characters can take a Shaken and 1 Wound before they die. Wild Card Non Player Characters and Players can take a Shaken and three Wounds before they pass out and might die. Wild Card NPC’s get to use a Wild die (d6) like Players when they make rolls.

Damage (Shaken/Wounds) can be Taken, Soaked or Dismissed.

Taken = you take the shaken and or wound(s).

Soaked = you spend a Bennie to roll a Vigor check (TN=4). Success = brushed off a shaken or wound from that hit, raises get rid of more wounds (this means more than one can be got rid of but the vigor check could fail).

Dismiss = use a Bennie to get rid of one Wound or Shaken (100% success).

Kubla One Off - Deadlands

We found ourselves free and (Lang, Paul, Jasper, Henry, Seanan & Sam) played in my (Dan) Ravine of Ravens – Deadlands one off game.

What is Deadlands:


Pinnacle’s flagship product is Deadlands, a horrific journey into the “Weird West.” Mysterious beings called the Reckoners have given life to monsters and magic, causing history to divert from July 4th, 1863 forward. The South has won its independence, California has shattered into a labyrinth of flooded sea-canyons, and a mysterious super-fuel called “ghost rock” has spawned as much war and strife as it has “steampunk” devices.

Players are steely-eyed gunfighters, card-slinging sorcerers called hucksters, mysterious shamans, savage braves, mad scientists, and more who battle against evil and attempt to prevent the “Reckoning”.

In the Ravine of Ravens the players/posse came upon a typical old west town and confronted the townspeople there, who were allowing sacrifices to be made (on the day they arrived a young girl was being sacrificed). The posse confronted the town sheriff who literally laughed and said, “Go right ahead and try stopping the Raven King. I’ve lost all my deputies already. I’m done”. While in town the posse fought demonic large Ravens. Later they learned from a woman in town of the mine and the demon who was suppossed to live there. The posse headed into the Ghost Rock mine, which was nearby, and fought thier way to the final location where a Raven Demon was battled and the posse assisted a magical skull named Yorik.

The posse ended up being Rifted to Rifts: interestingly several Players stated they might continue to play the Deadlands character in Rifts :)

Player / Posse Member:

Lang / Doc Lightning
Paul / Gabriela “Vendetta” Vasquez the Gunslinger.
Jasper / Gunslinger
Henry / “Plays with Fire” a Native American Badass.
Seanan / "Shady” Doug Liveaux a Card shark gambler and card mage.
Sam / Father Sam Johnson with his Gatling shotgun!

Yea Kubla!



Three One Off's for KublaCon
down time? no problem!

If we find ourselves with down time this weekend at KublaCon I have three Savage Worlds One Off games ready.

Sneak peeks of each:

The House of Odd – A Cthulhu game of my design.


The Tomb of Terrors – A DnD style game of PEG design.


The Ravine of Ravens – A Deadlands game of my design.


See you there!


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