Savage Rifts

Fade Town: Sagath

While we may not be actively playing in the world of the Dread Sea Dominions, Nal Sagath will make an appearance in our Rifts game.

Sagath was a hot bed of portal activity when our pirate crew passed through town.

In the game Rifts, Sagath is a Fade Town which appears in the Magic Zone from time to time.


Parts of Sagath are in ruin, others are in perfect shape. The old toilets of the city center are one passageway to the underground nexus point.


Leading down to an underground network of tunnels.



One of the passages heads into a nexus chamber.

While on Rifts Earth the above ground ley line is visible.


The other, more dangerous and “exciting” path to the underground nexus is from the park area at the center of town.


Of note: Nal Sagath is from the Swords and Sorcery world of the Dread Seas…there are no trains there. Why, while on Earth, there are tracks is unknown. Yet another anomaly of this fade town.



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