Savage Rifts


August, 109 PA (2396 AD): The ashes of Tolkeen still smolder, the Coalition struggles to rebuild its forces and expand its influence, and the Federation of Magic’s leaders plot and scheme for their own run at domination. Untold numbers of other factions do the same, both on the continent and around the globe. Still, millions struggle just to survive and build something out of the destruction and anarchy of the world. One of the first factions the group encounters is the 1st Apoc Army, and they butt heads with them while running a mission for the Black Market.

The Party is comprised of both Rifts Earth human and non-humans, and dimensional beings from other universes (D&D, Star Wars, CoC) who found each other while saving the town of Garnet Town. The party arrives in Garnet Town, just in time to help the locals rescue their missing town folk. Along side a few Coalition soldiers the Party helps Garnet Town and defeats a Federation of Magic Shifter named Symon. After saving Garnet Town the Party ends up taking a different path than being Legion members… The following pages chronicle our Parties Adventures.  

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